Captain Dale A. Dye, USMC (Ret) came to Hollywood with a vision. He had a single mission in mind…to change how American civilians view the common grunt. Having been around infantrymen all his life and having been one himself, he knew that the majority are intelligent, creative, and full of heart…and the image of the dumb cannon-fodder blindly following orders not only was not true…but was a grave disservice to those brave servicemen who had risked and often gave their lives so that our nation could survive and prosper. So he looked for the best medium available to reach the hearts and minds of the public, and chose the film and television industry to spread his message. Welcome to Warriors, Inc.


11/15/2013 Veterans and the Digital Battlefield The DAV talks about video games
11/11/2013 Beirut File Dale Dye's newest novel, Beirut File, is now on sale! The fourth in his "Shake Davis" series is set primarily in the Middle East, where tension is building!
10/21/2013 New Blog updates Check out what the Captain has to say. Beirut—30 Years Later.
6/14/2013 Benton native Dale Dye goes from small town to the big screen Great article on Captain Dye…
9/13/2012 Making The Pacific This video of 'Making The Pacific' is an incredible insight into the scope of the project. In retelling these stories, it is an honor and a privilege to remind the world of the sacrifice of war.

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