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One of the most puzzling phone calls we've ever fielded at Warriors Inc. came from the producers of a rock video featuring a group called Alice In Chains. Seems AIC had cut a record and was making a video that required some military expertise. Skeptical, we investigated.

Turns out the guitarist Jerry Cantrell's father was a Vietnam Veteran and the subject of the hot single titled "Rooster" off their newest CD. Since songs do not become hits these days without an accompanying video release, the group needed Warriors Inc. to coach the actors and stage a Vietnam combat sequence for the Director. We did our best to avoid clich├ęs in this surreal medium, but a few snuck in during the editing process. Regardless, we are proud to have had the experience and glad to let people know that Warriors Inc. has worked on a rock video. And, after all, it was a guy trying to honor his Dad by telling a little story about the man's service in Vietnam. How could we refuse?