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With military-themed movie and TV work at low ebb lately, we were glad to get a call asking for advice on a Bank Of America commercial, of all things. It wasn't the first time Warriors Inc. has been asked to work on a commercial effort, but this one was particularly intriguing. The idea was to pitch BofA as an institution that appreciates America's military history and caters to a strong society fought for and preserved by military people through our national history. There's not much for us to argue about with that goal in mind, so we went to work getting the military details in a commercial correct. Among the featured sequences was a World War I officer galloping through aboard a cavalry horse kitted out with the proper period tack and wearing the uniform and gear seen on the battlefields of France. Another sequence which gave us Band of Brothers flashbacks was a DZ where correctly garbed and equipped paratroopers from the 101st Airborne Division dropped into action in a recreation of the jump into Normandy.

The folks paying the freight and doing the camera work were all very welcoming to our suggestions and directions. And the finished produce was spectacular. It aired regularly for much of 2013 on network TV and we were delighted with the images and the message.