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There are people in show business who speculate I may be among the world's worst businessmen. They may be right. Or I just might be a little too cagey and unconventional for their yardsticks to measure. As long as we keep succeeding at what I designed Warriors Inc. to do, I reckon it doesn't matter.

What does matter - especially to me and to my Cadre - is that we've hit on a way to organize ourselves that provides a simple, functional chain-of-responsibilities and a built-in flexibility that allows us to attack a project from any number of different angles. I'd love to take full credit for that organizational structure and managerial system, but I'm a bad businessman. That's why I ignored standard business structures and practices when I built Warriors Inc. from a hazy concept in 1985 into a fully functional, worldwide production support concern by 2000.

Back when Warriors Inc. was a pipe dream and most people I asked said it would never work, I decided to build the organization on a matrix with which I was most familiar. I always saw the outfit as akin to a Marine rifle platoon or rifle company with a small headquarters staff and subordinate leaders who got the work done out on the pointy end of the bayonet. We started that way and expanded the wire diagram so that our guys and gals can move up, down or sideways as required for any mission we undertake. The hierarchy is military traditional but Warriors Inc. Cadre people must be able to move through it in a fluid manner. A staff guy handling admin and logistics for one project might be a squad or platoon leader in the next. He or she is fully briefed before a mission and fully counseled on performance after the mission.

We have a very high standard of performance at Warriors Inc. but we do not encourage a zero-defect mentality. I expect my people to make mistakes...and to learn from them. In my experience, success is geared to leadership and our organizational structure is geared to capitalize on that.

Here's what we look like in traditional military wire-diagram form. If you want to meet the folks occupying those blocks, just click and read.

Warriors Expeditionary Force
Command Element
D Dye
Ground Element
Air Element
Logistics Element
J Dye
Expeditionary Strike Group
Arty/Sptg Arms

Task Forces
Military Advising for Film and TV (MAFT)