Warriors, Inc. and its Cadre

  Bruce Whitfield

Gunnery Sergeant Bruce Whitfield was born in Los Angeles, California on December 13th 1968. He joined the Marines in 1987. After graduating Boot camp he went to the School of Infantry at Camp Pendleton and was trained as a Mortar man (0341). His first duty station was Camp Lejeune North Carolina with 3rd Bn 4th 81mm mortar Platoon. He deployed to Panama part of a task force protecting Arraijan fuel tank farm during the Noriega years and was there for five months. Once he returned he was assigned to 3rd Bn 8th Marines 81's Platoon deploying to the Mediterranean for 6 months with the 22nd MEU where he trained with the British Royal Marines, French Foreign Legion, Spanish and Italian Marines. Upon return he was assigned to 1st Bn 7th Marines in 29 Palms Ca. and in August of 1990 deployed to Desert Shied and Desert Storm. Once home he was assigned to Marine Combat Training Bn. at Camp Pendleton and served as a Troop Handler with Freddie Joe Farnsworth for 3 years. Sergeant Whitfield's next assignment was with 1st Bn. 1st Marines 81's Platoon. He deployed twice to the Western Pacific and Arabian Gulf while training with the Kuwaiti and United arab emirate armies.

Once his assignment was complete he transferred back to the School of Infantry training new Marines to be infantryman. SSGT Whitfield was a Platoon Commander with Bravo Company for 2 years. Once his assignment was complete he was transferred to Echo Company 2nd Bn, 1st Marines where he served as Platoon Sergeant with a rifle Platoon, a Platoon Commander and Platoon Sergeant with Weapons Platoon and Company Gunnery Sergeant. While SSGT Whitfield was with 2/1 he deployed to the Western Pacific and then to Operation Iraqi Freedom for the start of the invasion into Iraq. Once he returned home from OIF I SSGT Whitfield received orders to 1st Marine Division Schools and served as the Division's Chief Convoy Security Instructor where he designed periods of instruction and live fire ranges from current enemy TTPs for units from all 4 Divisions returning to Iraq. Gunnery Sergeant Whitfield then was assigned Chief Mortar Instructor at the school and was responsible for the training of the Division's mortarman in mortar gunnery, Forward Observation and fire direction center.

Gunnery Sergeant Whitfield is very experienced in Infantry tactics and Weapons and has a wealth of operational experience. He is now assigned to Weapons Company 1/23 Inspector Instructor staff in Austin, Texas as the Operations Chief. Gunnery Sergeant Whitfield is married to Mona Lisa Whitfield and they have five children.