Warriors, Inc. and its Cadre

  Mark Ebenhoch

Born in September 1959 in Akron, Ohio and primarily raised in southern California, Mark enlisted in the United States Marine Corps while in high school. He reported to boot camp in San Diego in August 1977. He was medically retired in August 1999. His Marine Corps career spans 3 decades and a revolving door between active duty and reserve service. (His mantra is "why not do it all.")

From Pvt to GySgt, Mark has earned seven MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) designators from Infantry to Air-defense to Battalion S-3. Aside from his participation in Desert Shield/Desert Storm, numerous overseas deployments / training program development (both Wing and Division) and a tour as a Marine Security Guard (MSG), he has the distinction of being one of the last 22 United States Marines ever to set foot in Camp O'Donnell, Republic of the Philippines (ending point/containment point of the WWII Bataan Death March). He also was a student in the last Jungle Environmental Survival Training (JEST) cycle ever conducted at Subic Bay, Republic of the Philippines. Both of these areas were destroyed by the eruption of Mount Pinatubo in 1991.

During this period, Mark had the fortunate opportunity to work on "Invaders from Mars" in May of 1985, the first Warriors, Inc. motion picture, with Mark as an extra and Capt. Dye in his inaugural advisory position. From then on, he has served in virtually every advisory/training capacity and has been a principal advisor and/or assistant for Warriors in numerous major motion pictures from "Platoon" and "Born on the 4th of July" to "Rough Riders" in 1996. He has broad experience including research, planning, staging and on-set advisory for Directors and other key production personnel. He has capitalized on valuable opportunities to dabble in other aspects of the industry to include ADR, sound mixing and booming, to special effects and even second-unit directing to continue to broaden his worth to the company.

After a 10-year "vacation," Capt. Dye has nagged him to the point of return of which he is happy to be back. Orders stand for the Pina Coladas by the pool to be terminated!

He currently resides in Florida and frequently spends time at his personal rainforest/jungle compound in Puerto Rico.

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