Warriors, Inc. and its Cadre

  William Schroder

William Schroder's interest in all things military began in the mid-sixties when he graduated from the U.S. Army Infantry Officer's Training School at Fort Benning, Georgia. The Vietnam conflict was in full swing then, and the Army needed helicopter pilots, so the newly commissioned 2nd Lieutenant immediately volunteered for rotary wing flight training and arrived in Vietnam in the spring of 1969. During his tour, Schroder accumulated hundreds of hours of combat flight time and received the Bronze Star and numerous Air Medals. He also served as Assistant S-2 for 12th Aviation Group collecting and disseminating enemy intelligence information to thirty-three aviation companies. At the completion of his tour, he served as a helicopter flight instructor training Vietnam-bound pilots in the art and science of military flight operations in a hostile environment.

After six years in the military, Schroder left the service and became a successful businessman. In addition to husband and father, he has been an Alaska bush pilot, sailed small boats across the Pacific and authored several short stories, screenplays, the historical novel Cousins of Color. He has recently published Soldier's Heart, which explores Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Schroder's first involvement with Warriors, Inc. came in 1993, when he assisted the military advisory staff on Oliver Stone's film, Heaven and Earth.

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