Warriors, Inc. and its Cadre

  Charles Currier

Charles started with a BA in Communications from Rowan University (Formerly Glassboro State College NJ), and has worked as an actor & stunt performer in a wide range of venues, including local gigs at Universal Studios, Six Flags Magic Mountain, LA Opera & the El Capitan Theatre. He has performed Shakespeare and summer stock around the country in New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Virginia, Texas, and Missouri; and abroad in locations as wide ranging as Frobeland Park near Shanghai, China and Kinostudios in Vilnius, Lithuania. Recent film and TV jobs include a guest star spot on West Wing and several weeks of stunts and sword fighting on Second Hand Lions, with Robert Duvall and Michael Caine.

Charles began learning classic sword technique in 1984 and has developed a major interest in all things weaponry--particularly the safe handling of swords and firearms for theatrical productions. He and a few colleagues, including Warriors' Cadre Member Julia Dye, founded the Los Angeles Fight Academy to provide actors, stunt performers, and enthusiasts alike instruction in weapons skills. This interest has also led to the study of medieval horse combat, culminating in Charles having performed over 100 armored jousts before live audiences as large as 10,000 patrons!

'Sgt Currier' had worked on a couple of smaller projects for Warriors, Inc. when Dale enlisted him for cadre service in Morocco, on the set of Oliver Stone's Alexander. He started off as a Corporal leading a company of Macedonia's finest, then quickly changed hats (helmets, actually) to help train Persian archers and infantry, including Darius' vaunted 'immortal' troops.

Charles joined the Navy Reserves in March of 2001, and has spent much of 2004 on active duty training; he graduated with distinction from the US Navy's Corpsman School and has just completed the Marine Corps' Field Medical Service School. OOO-RAH!! He is currently serving as an FMF Corpsman with the 4th Light Armored Reconnaissance unit stationed (for the moment, at least) at Camp Pendleton.

The Los Angeles Fight Academy