Warriors, Inc. and its Cadre

  Freddie Joe Farnsworth

The son of Win and Brenda Farnsworth, Freddie Joe was born in Muncie, Indiana, and grew up in Pinedale, Wyoming. He joined the USMC in May of 1985, and was stationed with 1st Bat 7th Mar until July of 1991. At that time, he went to Marine Combat Training at Camp Pendleton as a troop handler and a weapons and tactical instructor. He served in Panama and both Desert Shield and Desert Storm. In December of 1994 he received an honorable discharge as a Staff Sergeant.

Upon leaving the Marine Corps, Freddie Joe returned to Casper, Wyoming and worked as a truck driver and in sales for Butane Power and Equipment until April 1996, when he began work on Starship Troopers and began his association with Warriors, Inc., which continues to this day. He also works as a stuntman and an actor on such pictures as Galaxy Quest, Rules of Engagement, and the upcoming Ghost Soldiers. Freddie Joe was an actor and the military advisor on Spy Game. He has two lovely daughters, Brenda and Linda.

Freddie Joe Farnsworth was an IPRA bareback and saddle bronco rider, and is an excellent rider in all rodeo events and performs all horse stunts, both Western and English. These skills have come in handy when he has worked as Warriors cadre on productions like Rough Riders and Alexander.

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