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JFK--Thoughts on the Production

This was obviously a fascinating project on which to work. I was a teenager when President Kennedy was assassinated and felt a connection with him having marched as a military school cadet in his inaugural parade in Washington, DC. Walking the ground of Dealey Plaza in Dallas in 1991 with 20 years of military service and a lot of combat experience behind me brought some different conclusions about that tragic event in American history. I was not - and am not - a conspiracy theorist, but I'm also no longer a supporter of the Warren Commission conclusion that Oswald acted alone.

Oswald was never a distinguished marksman during his time in the Marine Corps. I, however, am a distinguished and experienced marksman. Even after days of familiarization firing with an exact duplicate of his weapon, I was never able to replicate the shots and timing he is claimed to have accomplished from that window above the plaza. Further, I investigated the Miami based 2506 Brigade made up of disgruntled Bay of Pigs veterans who blamed Kennedy for failing to support their efforts to take Cuba back from Castro. My instincts tell me some of these old Mustache Pete's were angry and violent enough to be involved in some way.

Regardless, it is a great film and it was a great experience to work on it. Our continuing relationship with Oliver Stone and his trust in our ability to add to his work in many areas was cemented on this project. He was kind enough to cast me in the film as General Y, a facilitator and Pentagon inside-man in Garrison's version of the plot to assassinate President Kennedy. Oliver put me in a number of unscripted scenes just to keep the audience guessing and make it more controversial when the identity of my character is finally revealed. In the longest of these scenes I work with Donald Sutherland who plays General X. He's a fine actor and our paths would cross several times after JFK.