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The Thin Red Line--Thoughts on the Production

This film is significant in our corporate history because it represents the first time my best friend and Executive Officer was forced to step up to command and have a complete influence on a film without the CO looking over his shoulder. Needless to say, he did a magnificent job under very difficult circumstances. Most importantly, it represents proof that our outfit can - and will - work on two or more disparate jobs bringing the same veracity and flair to each. In short, this film - concurrent with Saving Pvt. Ryan - demonstrated that Warriors Inc. is a capable concern and not dependent on one individual for success.

The CO initially cemented the deal with Director Terry Malick during a meeting in Austin, Texas while we were in that state filming Roughriders. Over lunch, we discussed Terry's visions and our views of how to bring them to the screen. When the deal was done at the end of the meal, it became the XO's baby to birth. I’m exceedingly proud of Lt. Stokey's performance and support he got from all the Warriors Inc. Cadre who went with him to Australia.

I just wish the film had been more coherent. While James Jones' book is among my favorite war novels, I found it hard to follow the characters and the story as presented on screen. There were some outstanding individual performances but I could not follow the story line in the film the way I could in the book. Regardless, Warriors Inc. did a great job on this film. The details are there for anyone who is looking. Both Thin Red Line and Saving Pvt. Ryan were nominated for an Academy Award in the same year for Best Picture. Quite a milestone for any company!