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Small Soldiers--Thoughts on the Production

We were surprised to get a call to consult on this film...until we heard from the Line Producer that Executive Producer Steven Spielberg demanded we be called in to render an opinion on the assault by the Small Soldiers. Seems our planning and staging work on Saving Pvt. Ryan impressed him and he thought we might add a realistic military flair to the production. We only consulted for three or four days but we were rewarded with time on the set watching the work of some really fine actors and crews.

At Spielberg's behest, I also helped with the jargon in the tiny marauders dialogue and voiced one of the characters with a DI growl. Most importantly, this film marked yet another example of Warriors Inc.'s desirability to work on all types of productions. Our horizons were expanding rapidly. It was also a treat to work and spend time with our friend Phil Hartman, a talented writer and comedic actor who was tragically killed in a domestic dispute shortly after the film was released.