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Very high on the weirdness list is a phone call I got in August 2005 from Pearl Wexler, my lead theatrical agent at The Paul Kohner Agency.

"Hoobastank wants your voice on their new CD," she said with what I can only assume was a straight face. I was quick on the uptake that day.

"Uh-huh. And what's a Hoobastank?"

"Beats me," she replied. "But they're a hot rock group these days and they want you to do your Drill Instructor thing as a lead-in to one of their new songs." I checked our patented Weirdometer and discovered this gig definitely qualified so I told Pearl to cut a deal.

Turns out Hoobastank lead singer/songwriter Doug Rob had penned a new tune titled "Born to Lead" that talked about young people, under pressure from society to conform, who eventually go their own way and wind up leading the societal pack. He sent me the lyrics and it occurred to me that I had similar thoughts many years ago when I was standing on the yellow footprints at Marine Corps Recruit Depot being harangued by a snarling Drill Instructor. I got both the image and the message.

As a result, I spent an entertaining afternoon in an LA recording studio screaming into a microphone, emulating that DI and recording a soundtrack that's featured on the song. Hoobastank is a creative group of talented musicians. We hope they continue the march and stay the hell away from the rap scene.