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We do a lot of PT at Warriors Inc. and every Cadre Member has his favorite variety of high-speed go-fasters that he wears when Capt. Dye is leading one of his merciless long runs. Still, it came as a surprise when a top-line Los Angeles ad agency called to enlist our help with a commercial they were filming for Reebok and featuring a new style running shoe.
Apparently, word had spread from some of the actors we had trained who remembered those grueling PT sessions and recommended us to train the performers and stage the action for cameras. The basic idea was to duplicate some of the more physical events in basic training. Out of the sweaty mob would come a trainee wearing these new Reebok go-fasters which allow him to leap tall obstacles in a single bound, bend steel in his bare hands and…well, you get the idea. We took the gig, trained the actors and staged the action. Suddenly we were in the TV commercial business. Capt. Dye can be seen and - most definitely - heard in the video that appeared for several months on primetime TV all across America and overseas.