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To Boldly Go...

Warriors, Inc., consulted on Star Trek: The Experience at the Las Vegas Hilton. Diving into the culture of the Star Trek Federation, we molded this group of performers into the soldier/explorers of the future.

Following our initial success in training performers for T2-3D, the word went out to themed entertainment producers that there were some weird new military kids on the block and they could really punch-up performances. Before long, we were fielding phone calls and wondering where all this might lead. Mostly because our S-1/3/4 officer Warrant Officer Julia Dye was a themed entertainment veteran and diehard science fiction fanatic, we accepted a commission to train performers for Star Trek - The Adventure opening at the Hilton Hotel in Las Vegas. Taking our cue from Star Trek creator Gene Rodenberry, we designed a short-course that might have been found in the curriculum at Star Fleet Academy. We did the whole thing as Star Fleet Instructors training a ship's crew for deep-space launch, teaching them to respond to command properly and use nautical jargon. WO J. Dye was the lead instructor on this one but I borrowed a page from the MP manual on handling unruly crowds to teach the cast how to deal with hecklers and loud-mouthed drunks.