Captain Dye's Books
   Dale Dye's Autobiography
   Run Between the Raindrops
   Conduct Unbecoming
   Duty and Dishonor

   Warriors, Inc. and its Cadre
   Command Element
   Capt. Dale Dye
   MAFT: Military Advising for Film and TV
   Cadre: Michael Stokey
   CADTRAIN: Cadre Development
   Cadre: Freddie Joe Farnsworth
   Cadre: Bruce Whitfield
   Cadre: Robert Garcia
   Cadre: Anthony Lidyard
   WISDOM: Corporate Training
   Cadre: Mark Shuster
   DOCREEL: Documentaries and Reality
   Cadre: Charles Currier
   OPFOR: Opposing Forces
   Cadre: Bradley J. Hartsell
   Cadre: Yutaka Izumihara
   Cadre: Yuki Nagashima
   WPG: Warriors Publishing Group
   Cadre: Julia Dye
   Cadre: Deanna Kulacz

   Dale Dye Acting Roles
   44 Minutes
   Air America
   Billionaire Boys Club
   Commander in Chief
   Cover Story
   Dead On/Relentless II
   Favorite/Intimate Power
   Guarding Tess
   Indiana Jones IV
   LA Law
   Las Vegas
   Missing Brendan
   Mission Impossible
   Neon Empire
   Operation Delta Force II
   Puppet Masters

   Ressurecting the Champ
   Rocket Power
   Servants of Twilight
   Seven Days
   Space: Above and Beyond
   Spontaneous Combustion
   Spy Game
   Table for One
   Tales from the Hollywood Hills
   The Loop
   Trial and Error
   Under Siege
   Under Siege II
   Within the Rock