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Cadre Member Julia Dye and Adam Bezark in one of their typical discussions

Universal Studios Florida, Hollywood and Japan, used Warriors to train their actors in this 3-D "Virtual Adventure," the most popular attraction in Universal's thirty-year history.

Based on James Cameron's blockbuster action film, this multimedia attraction stars Arnold Schwarzenegger and the entire original cast in a spectacular 20-minute "sequel" to the Terminator saga.

We worked closely with the original show's co-director, Adam Bezark, who remains a close friend to this day. Check out his web site: The Bezark Company.

This was the first out of the ordinary project Warriors, Inc. was asked to work on and we owe that to the show's directors, Gary Goddard and Adam Bezark, who thought maybe our unconventional methods might scare some life into their cast for Terminator 2: 3D and they - in turn - could scare the life out of visitors to their show at Universal Studios Florida. We trained some 30 actors for five roles in the script for a 20-minute spectacular show. On a citrus farm in central Florida - full of irritating insects and unhappy serpents - we basically winged it based on what we thought would serve to build a team and give them some stage credibility portraying such things as Arnold Schwarzenegger's wildly-popular Terminator android, the T-1000 mega-morph that pursues him, and those peerless guerilla fighters of the future Sarah Connor and her son John. This project also marked the first time we trained females and led to consequent missions when T2:3D opened at Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Studios Japan.

Success in this arena also led director Adam Bezark to hire Cadre Member Julia Dye to co-direct the show in Osaka. Naturally, they hired Warriors to train the cast.