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This was an interesting job for me and has certainly gotten me a lot of face time, particularly with younger fans that flock to Chicago's Navy Pier amusement park where TimeEscape is one of the featured rides.

I play a General Pendleton who briefs customers, sets up the story of time travel and sort of narrates the action as customers are taken on a 3-D trip through the Chicago area from pre-history through the future. It was one of those odd jobs that I put on tape and promptly forgot until 2005 when WO Julia Dye and I traveled to Chicago and stayed at a hotel which overlooked Navy Pier. I reluctantly accompanied her to check out the ride and apparently caused quite a stir. The ticket-taker and hosts for the ride recognized me immediately and we were promptly given complimentary tickets to check out my performance. If you're ever in Chicago and wondering if Captain Dye can do comedy, drop by the Navy Pier and buy a ticket for TimeEscape.