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  Court-Martial of Jackie Robinson--Thoughts on the Production

This was the first of two films for TV that Warriors Inc. has worked on dealing with racial prejudice and injustice in the American military. The other is Mutiny which tells the story of the so-called Port Chicago mutiny staged by black sailors during World War II.

What strikes me about our involvement in these films is that we clearly demonstrate that Warriors Inc. is not a bunch of flag-wavers or military cheerleaders. We are not afraid to lend our name or expertise to projects that expose military warts or imperfections. Let the truth be told...but let it be told in a fair and balanced fashion. Not every white person in military uniform during World War II was a racist. I suppose that's why I was so happy to be selected by the director to play a sympathetic and fair-minded army colonel in this film; a man who becomes 2nd Lt. Robinson’s friend and benefactor during the court-martial proceedings.

I worked alone on this film due to budget constraints and came to realize how important support from a solid Warriors Inc. cadre could be in attending to details and patrolling far-flung sets where a second camera might be operating without the critical eye of a military advisor present.