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  Rough Riders--Thoughts on the Production

It was basically a good film...and a hell of an enjoyable experience with Director John Milius at the helm. John remains a staunch supporter of our methods and our ability to amp up any military script through training and guidance during production. We could have used more money as the period weapons, props, horse-tack, wagons, etc. are extremely expensive to obtain or rent. Very often we found ourselves trying to portray the scope and scale of Spanish-American War battles with too few people and not enough money to convey the image through computer generation.

There were some unforgettable times on set - and elsewhere as we shot our way from east to west across Texas - with characters like Tom Berenger, Sam Elliot and Gary Busey. I'm delighted that John Milius selected me to play Col. Leonard Wood in the film and proud of my performance in that role. The project marked the third teaming with veteran Tom Berenger who remains a close personal friend and supporter of our work.