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  Truman--Thoughts on the Production

This project represents our only attempt at bringing combat in World War I to the screen. It was only a small sequence in a larger story but I'm looking forward someday to doing an entire feature film on this war. It's a very rich and fertile field for storytelling and I wish we could get more producers interested.

In the end, I was very proud of what Mike Stokey and the Warriors crew did in 'Truman.' The uniforms were correct and the actors looked like real, hard-pressed but highly capable, field artillerymen. Stokey used the mud and rain to good effect in showing that service on the Western Front in WW I was far from pristine and glamorous.

Like many professional soldiers, I'm a military technophile, so I was glad we had the opportunity to work on a story that involved artillery. The famous French 75 howitzer served a number of armies for years as the primary direct support artillery piece because it was a good weapon. It was a treat for me to see it used well on screen even if it was only briefly.

This project continued our lasting relationship with actor Gary Sinise who played the starring role. Gary is a good friend and staunch supporter of our efforts. Gary received the full Warriors Inc. treatment in Forrest Gump.