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Semper Fi--Training

As agreed to with the Marine Corps when we obtained their approval and cooperation for this two-hour pilot, genuine Drill Instructors would do most of the training and technical advising for the production. Warriors Inc. was mostly in a producing mode on this project and the vast majority of our input was on the scripting and planning levels.

Fortunately, I was able to secure an acting role as a Drill Instructor for one of the Warriors Inc. Cadre and he served as our liaison during shooting at Parris Island. Staff Sergeant (now Warrant Officer) Freddie Joe Farnsworth served as both an actor and a close dramatic advisor to the Director during shooting. The cast - both DIs and recruits - spent a full week with real Marines at Parris Island and got beat up a lot to give them a taste of recruit training. What they did not get - and what we could not obtain for them - was that full-immersion, hard-ass Warriors Inc. treatment. It just wasn't possible given the situation at MCRD. We could shoot and the command would cooperate...but we could not interrupt standard training. The Corps was behind the project, but they had bigger, more important fish to fry.

There was a plan in place to give the actors the full-press Warriors treatment once the pilot was good to go with the network (NBC) but it never happened.