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The artwork in the Medal of Honor series is just incredible...

As the Warriors Inc. reputation for accuracy, efficiency, flexibility and talent grew over the years and through the success we were having in feature films and television, we found ourselves starting to get calls from the ShowBiz suburbs. The press found an interesting story in our full-immersion method of training performers to portray soldiers on screen. At first, the hook was simply amazement that a bunch of former military people would have the audacity to beat the hell out of pampered actors. And then we granted a few interviews in which we expressed the Warriors Inc. philosophy. We said acting - a credible performance - was about telling the truth, or convincing an audience you were telling the truth. And that, we said, requires the performer or actor to have at least a nodding acquaintance with what the truth might be. That's the Warriors Inc. way of creating a really good military film featuring first-rate, believable performances.

That's also about the time writers and producers started to think perhaps there was something in that they could apply to other types of entertainment. We accepted a mission to train the stunt performers for Universal Studios theme park in Orlando, Florida that proved so successful Universal hired us to repeat the process at parks in Hollywood and Osaka, Japan. That got us into the Themed Entertainment loop and you can read comments about specific missions as you explore the web site.

Award-winning Director and Producer Steven Spielberg - a staunch Warriors Inc. patron - got us into videogames while we served as his military advisors on "Saving Pvt. Ryan." That story is also told in the Electronic Gaming area of this site. Warriors Inc. Cadre has also been involved in documentaries, radio, national TV advertising and even music videos. I invite you to recon these Tactical Areas of Responsibility (TAORs). You might be as surprised by what you find as we were to be involved.