Warriors, Inc. and its Cadre

  Cadre Development, Training and Deployment (CADTRAIN)

CADTRAIN is a Task Force responsible for the recruiting, screening, training and employment of Warriors Cadre members who carry out our basic missions. Normally commanded by the Warriors Inc. senior NCO, CADTRAIN reports to and works under direct supervision of the Command Element, in particular the Executive Officer and the Adjutant who assist with planning and reporting procedures. CADTRAIN maintains a pool of Warriors Cadre candidates who have been screened for future duties and keeps a regularly updated contact list which is submitted to the Adjutant. At specified intervals between missions, CADTRAIN conducts training, indoctrination and orientation sessions for members of the potential Cadre pool. When Cadre has been selected for a specific mission, CADTRAIN is responsible to the Command Element for their deployment and performance in the field to include both operational and administrative matters.

CADTRAIN is currently headed up by First Sergeant Freddie Joe Farnsworth.

Among the NCOs now in training are Robert Garcia and Anthony Lidyard.