Warriors, Inc. and its Cadre

  Opposing Forces Training and Philosophy

The OPFOR Task Force is responsible for developing and implementing plans and procedures for enemy forces in all Warriors Inc. projects in all media. As our aim has always been to represent opposing military forces in a credible manner as worthy opponents on the battlefield, OPFOR will be given appropriate emphasis and proportional support on all projects under direct supervision of the OPFOR OIC as selected and appointed by the Command Element. The OIC will assist in the recruiting and screening of opposing forces and maintain an updated listing of available people of appropriate background or ethnicity to serve as enemy forces in all potential conflicts or theaters of operations. In the case of a project involving foreign forces as primary emphasis with American forces as the opposition, OPFOR will be responsible for the American forces in the field. OPFOR reports directly to the Command Element and may draw selectively on other Warriors Cadre members for support on specific missions. When deployed on specific missions, the OPFOR OIC serves as leader of the opposing forces and primary technical advisor on all matters regarding those forces.

Bradley J. Hartsell commands our Imperial Japanese Forces, with the assistance of Yutaka Izumihara and Yuki Nagashima.