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Independence (?) Day
It's a hell of a note but there are way too many dependent Americans on this American Independence Day. Maybe it's just me being cantankerous. Maybe I'm letting my inner curmudgeon override my normal warm and fuzzy persona but I believe there's more than a little irony in celebrating our independence with great hoopla when so many of us are happily reliant on someone or something besides ourselves for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
Thomas Jefferson and his cohorts on the Committee of Five from the Continental Congress would be crapping little blue BBs if they fell through a wormhole in the space-time continuum and found themselves observing American society circa 2009. Advances in technology and sheer mind-boggling culture shock aside, guys like Jefferson, John Adams and Benjamin Franklin would swear King George was still issuing oppressive fiats from across the Atlantic. These guys - and most other colonial types who supported independence from absentee dictatorship - were all about freedom of choice, individual liberty and less is more when it came to central governance of any sort. So that must have been what was on their collective minds when they drafted the Declaration of Independence and elbowed it through to ratification back in July 1776. Granted a whole lot of water in the form of sweeping societal change has passed under the bridge since 1776, but I'm of the opinion that most Americans would still opt for a little more individual determination and a lot less government intervention in their day to day existence.
Of course, I could be wrong about that. God knows it wouldn't be the first time. I distinctly recall coming back from Vietnam gleefully anticipating a homecoming parade or at least a hearty handshake from my fellow Americans who did not have to go to war because a whole bunch of other folks like me went in their place. Missed that one by a mile and I could be just as mistaken about attitudes today. Maybe most Americans do want to be told what to do by Big Government on one level or another every day of their lives. Maybe they think choices about stuff like what car to drive, what doctor to consult, what schools they can attend and what work they can do should not be personal choices based on what they want and what they can afford. Maybe most Americans think rugged individualism and independence are concepts that have no meaning or place in modern society. For all I know there might be a majority of people out there claiming American citizenship who believe it's best to just turn over all their disposable income to local, state or federal governments and accept what the bureaucrats say is best for them.
Maybe that's the way it is but I hope not. What I hope is that a lot of those Americans will take a moment or two on this Independence Day 2009 to ponder the slippery path on which we find ourselves embarked these days. We are a nation of multi-cultural, diverse individuals and from our individuality comes our strength as a nation. When Big Government turns up the heat beneath our melting pot we become weak, soggy, limp, flavorless and bland. Our founding fathers would gag down about one spoonful of that mess and puke all over their buckled shoes.
And here's another thing that's on my mind this time of year around Independence Day when I contemplate the very foundations of our society, our individual liberties and our freedom of choice. A whole hell of a lot of military folks from Valley Forge on through to Baghdad and Kabul thought enough of those concepts to believe they were worth fighting and possibly dying for; even when it wasn't necessarily their own freedoms at stake. Those are my kind of people, men and women who understand individual freedoms are not bestowed by government decree. They must be established, obtained and retained by individuals willing to risk their lives by picking up a flintlock, an M-1 or an M-4 and fighting for them if necessary.
Of course, if those individual freedoms weren't being threatened or impinged upon by various forms of oppressive governments, all that fighting and dying wouldn't be necessary for the most part. But that's not the way of things in our world and as long as human beings are disposed to tribalism, it won't be that way anytime in the near future. None of that is going to be challenged or changed by the intervention of Big Government in our lives or in the lives of people around the world. It's been tried before and it inevitably results in revolution or war. You don't have to take my word for it - and if you're disposed to Big Government running your life you won't anyway - just ask Thomas Jefferson when he blows through that wormhole. And if he's carrying a flintlock, stay out of his line of fire.

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