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Fire Mission: Target PC Nazis
To avoid a kinetic kneejerk reaction that would likely get me arrested by the PC Police, I've held off making public statements about the Fort Hood debacle. I was just learning to live with an elevated blood pressure and wear an NFL mouthpiece to keep from grinding my teeth down to nubs when this mind-boggling story broke about Navy SEALS up on charges for manhandling a terrorist during an authorized take-down. The resultant back-pressure blew the lid off my boiler, so stand by for a barrage or get the hell out of the shrapnel fan.
Spotting shot falls on corporate minions of the U.S. Army who had every reason to discover - not to mention a swivet of evidence to prove - that they had a seriously unbalanced individual holding a field-grade commission and serving in a psychiatric counseling billet where his actions had serious effect on soldiers headed for or returning from combat zones. But this guy has a Middle Eastern provenance and a name like Nidal Malik Hasan that scores big points on the all-important diversity meter. So he gets a pass that leads to twelve dead and thirty-one wounded in a shooting spree that the Army is tap-dancing around calling what it obviously is: A wanton act of terrorism facilitated by a failure at practically every level of Hasan's chain-of-command. And don't even get me started on the crucial command obligation of force protection that was so clearly flaunted in this travesty.
If you think I'm being harsh, ponder this. If lily-white Major Rupert Lee Brimstone, a devout, snake-handling fundamentalist Christian, started spewing racial epithets and telling soldiers it was his way or the highway to hell, how long would he have lasted in the U.S. Army? Granted there's strength in diversity but there's also dangerous ignorance in using that concept to justify keeping snakes in your sleeping bag. This PC crapola has got to stop and a good place to start applying the brakes is in a controlled environment like the United States military. It's either that or stand-by with body bags and toe-tags for the next "isolated incident" at one of our bases.
And don't start in on me with the argument that attacks like the one at Fort Hood and a fragging in Kuwait by a Muslim soldier in 2003 which killed one soldier and wounded thirteen from the 101st Airborne Division don't have ties to radical Islamic theology. They do and they are not going to stop until radical Muslims stop spouting hatred and preaching jihad. I've heard most of the arguments from Muslims who say these attacks don't represent the true teachings or philosophies of mainstream Islam. Well fine, I'm willing to go with that but I'm weary of hearing what Islam is not. How about our peace-preaching Muslim kin step up and show us what Islam is for a change?
It would go a hell of a long way down the peace and love track that many Muslim scholars claim is the true teaching of Islam if the same mobs who take to the streets to protest Danish cartoons of the Prophet showed similar zeal in protesting Muslim suicide bombers who mostly kill fellow religionists. Until that starts to happen around the world, we'd be well advised to know the enemy and admit that he is among us.
And speaking of the enemy among us, let's crank on a handful of elevation and fire time-on-target on the U.S. Navy, specifically - and of all absurd targets - the Navy Special Warfare Command. I would really; truly like to know what mind-warped PC brass-hat in that chain-of-command actually signed a charge-sheet against three SEAL enlisted operators who punched out a Tango in the process of a tense, covert take-down where their lives were hanging by a very thin thread. I'd bet a devalued Yankee dollar against a dog-turd that he or she was a lawyer masquerading as a naval officer.
In this case, you've got three shooters from a SEAL team tasked specifically with tracking and taking down high-value terrorist targets, who finally manage to get their hands on Objective Amber, a veteran Tango who planned the murder and mutilation of four Blackwater security guys in Fallujah in 2004. In the process of bringing this maggot to justice, one of the shooters bounces a fist off the guy's face resulting in a split lip or some other minor boo-boo. Most veteran terrorists would be happy they weren't leaking from multiple bullet-holes, but Ahmed Hashim Abed knows the ropes. Abed knows his enemy and he knows how to play the PC Card, so as soon as he's turned over to authorities for processing, he begins to do a pee-pee dance about manhandling and maltreatment. "I killed those four Americans, mutilated their bodies and hung them up on a bridge span so my brothers could hoot, holler and celebrate," he whines, "but that's no reason to hit me!" And in about thirty seconds, he's lawyered up to his evil eyeballs and the three SEALS are up on charges.
If nothing else, these three outstanding operators now understand the way the game is played under Rules of Engagement established by PC apparatchiks and their JAG Corps bloodhounds. These warriors have taken a torpedo amidships and they are liable to go down hard if someone in the chain doesn't step up and do the right thing by quashing this travesty before it goes any farther. They were wise enough to refuse non-judicial punishment and demand court-martial, but that's not the point. I'm fairly certain the convening authority in this case will be PC enough to understand the American public won't support a conviction and a way will be found to a not guilty verdict but these charges should never have been filed in the first place.
Regardless of the outcome in a court-martial - if there eventually is one - all our special operators and line troopers now have tangible evidence that they are involved in a thankless pursuit and in doing the dirty job they are asked to do, they are as likely to wind up wearing an orange jumpsuit in Leavenworth as they are to wind up wearing a medal. That's a crying shame and the current administration that has waffled for months on whether or not to support a wartime commander's request for more troops ought to step up and put a stop to it. This PC stuff is literally sapping our military strength. We either decide to fight - including whatever it takes to win against radical Islam - or we footrace into isolationism, worldwide scorn and wondering where the next blow will fall and leave us bleeding on the ropes. Rounds complete.
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