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Friday, 22
First week of preparation for this monster maxi-series down and dusted here in rainy, windy Melbourne, Australia. We are preparing to move up to Far North Queensland early in July. At that point, I'll pick up USMC troops and their Imperial Japanese Army enemies for initial field training. We are set to roll cameras on 13 August. While I'd clearly rather be out in the jungle bashing bush and busting caps on all the wonderful World War II weaponry we've imported for The Pacific War, the time here in Melbourne has been interesting. There's a funny kind of karma to it as this is the city where the 1st Marine Division was brought for rest, re-fitting and receiving replacements after the brutal campaign for Guadalcanal in the eastern Solomons back in 1942-43. There are still some old folks here in the city who remember those times and talking to them is a real inspiration. While the younger generation of Australians (much like our younger generation of Americans) doesn't know much about World War II, those old Aussies remember that it was a close run affair back in 1942 when the Japanese Empire was casting greedy eyes on Australia. They understand that only the intervention of the American Marines put a stop to that and they remain grateful for it. As I'm an old 1st Marine Division guy from Vietnam and subsequent peacetime service, it's really inspiring for me to hear those sentiments. I thought I'd done my absolute best on Band of Brothers, but I'm going to have to raise the bar for this one. Millions of current, former and future Marines will be watching and I can't afford to screw the pooch. Here's an interesting note for you weapons geeks out there. We will be showing (but not firing) the infamous Reising gun carried by Marines on Guadalcanal in the first episode. Stay tuned. Semper Fidelis.
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Monday, 18
Boondockers on the deck here in chilly, windy Melbourne, Australia and it's exciting to watch this monster maxi-series for HBO grinding toward the LOD. We have some script and production meetings to deal with here in the south and then I'll be moving up to Far North Queensland to prep the area for two weeks of field training. That's the crucial period when I take 90-some actors and extras, plus a core group of 35-40 Japanese, and immerse them in WW II lore, weapons, tactics and techniques. I'm doing most of the planning work here in Melbourne, but the real crunch starts when my Warriors staff officers and Cadre NCOs join me in the double-canopy rain forests of Daintree and we disappear into the jungle to start making Marines...the old fashioned way. For the first four days we'll be keeping the Marines and their Japanese enemy separated. When both sides have basic training in weapons and tactics, we start working them against each other and the real fun starts. Everyone involved in this project is dedicated to historical accuracy and I've just had the opportunity to take a look at a fleet of six LVT-4 and LVT(A)-4 amphibian tractors that we'll be using along with Higgins Boats (LCVPs) to recreate beach landings on Guadalcanal, Peleliu, Cape Gloucester and Okinawa. Don't know where our guys found these old relics and I'm not asking. They are terrific looking and should provide the audience with a look at war in the Pacific that's never been seen outside the History Channel. Stay tuned to this frequency for regular reports from the Pacific Theater of Operations.
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Thursday, 14
Warriors, Inc. has its own War Diary!
Watch this space for updates about the HBO maxi-series, 'The Pacific War.'
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