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Sunday, 29
At The Line Of Departure
All Hands are now aboard here in Far North Queensland and we are assembling 782 gear and support equipment for our trip to the bush on 1 August. Our Imperial Japanese Army trainers are here in the persons of Warriors 1stLt. Brad Hartsell, Sgt. Izumihara and Sgt. Nagashima and they are picking up their Japanese Infantry platoon tomorrow. Our USMC trainers for our Mortar, Machinegun and Assault Platoons run their charges through the Quartermaster on Tuesday and then assemble them for a CO/XO briefing that night. When all that's accomplished, we load them up and travel to a heavily-jungled rainforest area near Daintree to begin a gruelling and hectic training regimen. Once training is complete, our first mission is to film the unopposed landing on Guadalcanal and then the very heavily opposed landings on Peleliu. Our chosen beach locations up here near Mossman and Port Douglas bear an amazing similarity to the photos we've seen of those beaches back during the war. Our Special Effects magicians have made the Peleliu beach look as if it has been pounded by Naval gunfire and we are all set to hit that beach with period LVT-4's and LCVPs (Higgins Boats). I'm most pleased and gratified by all the emails and notes I've received from Marines - young ones, old ones, active duty and retired - who are following what we are doing here to celebrate and recognize the service and sacrifice of our World War II heroes of the 1st Marine Division. We are focused, loaded and locked for this mission and can't wait to pull the trigger. This will be the last posting here for a couple of weeks as I'll be in the field with my Marines. Watch this space and I'll submit an after-action report as soon as I can get back to a computer. Semper Fidelis - D
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Tuesday, 17
Our Forward CP at Port Douglas in tropical North Queensland has been established. Warriors Warrant Officer Julia Dye arrived last week and immediately began to work her magic in the Adjutant/Logistics business. Warriors Company Gunnery Sergeant Freddie Joe Farnsworth arrives at the end of this week and the rest of the Warriors Cadre is due in on Monday. At that point we do our leader recons of the training area, muster the troops and head for the bush. We are all in 1940s WW II USMC uniform and mind-set for this epic and looking forward to hauling our 100-plus cast and supporting players into the jungle where they will learn first-hand a bit of what it was for Marines who fought on Guadalcanal, Cape Gloucester, Peleliu and Okinawa. Our consignment of WW II U.S. and Japanese weaponry has arrived and we are rapidly inspecting and test-firing M-1 rifles, carbines, .30 caliber water-cooled and air-cooled machineguns, 37mm anti-tank cannons and a whole host of really interesting old ordnance. Since one of our main characters is Eugene B. Sledge (author of "With The Old Breed at Peleliu and Okinawa" who died a couple of years ago)who served with K-3-5 as a 60mm mortarman, we are focusing on that weapon to be sure we get tactics and firing procedures correct. It's heating up over here...literally and we near the Line of Departure. Semper Fidelis from Down Under.
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